HR Technology

I understand that you, as a small business owner, probably spend much of your time juggling. So wouldn’t you prefer to have more time on your hands and not have to do all the administration yourself? The great news is that a wealth of helpful, new HR Technology is becoming available. The even better news is that many of these gadgets and apps are available at little or no cost to your business.

In addition to saving you time and increasing productivity, utilising automated HR Technology brings a whole wealth of benefits you’ve never even thought of. Apps can remind you and your team when training courses are needed or when visas expire. They can help you track mileage. They can organise your workflow and sync your calendar. They can even allow staff to book holidays online.

There’s no doubt that HR Technology is the future and it frees up your fingers and toes for something other than counting!

The A to B to Z of HR Technology to benefit your company

Here are just a few technologies I could help you discover:

  • Asana – organises and plans workflows and projects so you can keep your team’s work on schedule
  • Breathe – cloud-based HR software solution
  • Zapier – connects apps to automate your work and be more productive

By signing up to one of my HR Service Plans, you’ll benefit from dozens more of my favourite HR Technologies. From company finance and invoicing apps to conference call and online meeting solutions. This time tomorrow, you could be learning vital new skills from global online learning specialists! Sign up today and we’ll have you saving time, money, and increasing staff productivity in next to no time.


Monitoring Software

Since the implementation of GDPR, do you know exactly who is accessing your data and why?

If not, you may need Monitoring Software. I can help you install and set up legal monitoring solutions to stop data breaches, data theft, either as a one-off investigation or an ongoing company policy, whilst ensuring you comply with GDPR regulations.

You can find more information on in my blog post about HR Technologies.

Why not speak to me about what measures you need to have implemented to ensure your employee’s data is safe and secure?

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