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For when growing businesses start to thrive.

Un-Spoken HR Services

Our job is to help win the workplace, while you win the marketplace. Excel with a little extra help.

HR is responsible for

Safety & risk management and minimizing liabilities

We're here to keep you safe, in the workplace or with conflict.

The HR department is responsible for developing and implementing safety procedures in order to create a workplace that isn’t hazardous to the health of your employees.

Should an employee create the false allegation that your business practices unfair employment practices, we’re here to protect you.

HR creates

Employee Satisfaction

From hiring, to training and development

A good relationship can easily be formed by you and your employees simply by providing them the training that they want for their career.

This is why the hiring process is delicately important, finding someone who’s future ambitions are in line with your company’s vision of success.

HR Excel handles the recruitment process alongside you to find the perfect team for your business.

HR takes the time to

Analyse benefits

Lower the cost of your business and provide benefit packages

Employees get the added security of HR Excel’s team of specialists looking through a company’s earnings to create a budget specifically for creating benefits, while still leaving room for the business to gain some extra profit.

This in turn contributes to employee retention, lowering costs and remain consistent with economic conditions.

Kate Underwood

Managing Director

I’m Kate and I help small business owners with the trusted HR tools and support to look after their business so they can focus on scaling it.

I have been the confidant of CEO’s, MD’s and so many other Acronyms during difficult times and provided practical solutions to implement immediately.

Our 7 pillars of HR Support

Recruitment & selection

HR Excel covers the recruitment process for you, finding candidates that want to be part of your business. We promote the chances of finding loyal and trustworthy employee.

Performance management

We teach you to get the best ROI from your new hires and boost the productivity of your current ones. We set the gold standard of creating environments where people can perform to the best of their abilities and surpass themselves.

Learning & development

This pillar supports the workplace culture you’ve set for your employees. Employees grow together, the environment they’re in, along with the learning culture you’ve set all influences
engagement and we show you how to use this to drive personal development through the roof.

Succession planning

This delicate process is put into action in order to identify and develop new talent to replace their previous staff member when they retire or leave the company. With our help, we teach you to closely monitor.

Compensation and benefits

We understand that a business is built on the work-force. Morale plays a huge factor in work output of your workers. We use this to provide motivators in the form of compensation and benefits in order to reward them in a way that creates progress.

Human resources information systems

HRM Systems are used to make management work a lot easier. Provide our Excel members with “Breathe”. The all inclusive program that organizes your team without the hassle of paperwork or chasing for follow-ups.

HR data and analytics

Analytics can be daunting when you don’t know what to consider as useful data, let alone what they mean. HR data can be interpreted as patterns that contribute to the decision making capabilities of the workforce along with their work performance. Both can be used to judge the rate of improvement, as complicated as it sounds, it becomes easy when we teach you all about it.

What do we offer?

A chance to excel your rapid growth

Our service plan includes:

  • HR Academy
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Meetings
  • 4 Hours of Phone and email support
  • Exit Interviews
  • Managed Recruitment Service
  • Appraisals Process
  • Contracts and Documents through Signable
  • Job Descriptions
  • All HR protect Features
  • And so much more!

Make the change from:

A Start-up Business to a Market Threat to competitors.

HR Excel is the newly upgraded version of HR Protect. Both are Service Plans Tailored to growing businesses in its’ early to mid stages of life. We guide our clients through company maintenance and employee management by providing the guidance of 3 HR industry specialists with decades of collective HR experience.

The difference between HR Excel and other HR providers is our commitment to educating our clients as much as we do work for them. We have masterclasses at your disposal and as a unique feature to Pocket Excel we have added extended our support to take recruitment off your hands almost entirely. We deal step in with job descriptions, guide you through simplifying legal documents.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our clients have said:

“Kate and her team are great! Kate goes above and beyond to be there for her clients. During this uncertain period of time she keeps us up to date with all the guidelines on a daily basis. I can only recommend using them!”

“Have worked with Kate and her team for a while now and they give us great support.

Thank you Kate :-)”

“Kate has been a tremendous asset to DA Training and Consultancy. She or a member of her team is always available when needed, especially when you need to talk through something. Her Breathe HR system makes reporting and recording very simple and easy. I would recommend Kate’s services to anyone and everyone! “
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