HR Business Partner

Discover the partnership perks.

Partnership Perks

Included With The Service Plan

The Business Partner service plan gives you access to KUHR’s fullest capabilities that rival any in-house HR department. We accommodate your needs from the start to finish of an employee’s life cycle. From recruitment to their exit interview, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Hands on Support

Unlimited Phone & E-mail Support

We find candidates using Recruitment Agencies, Multiple Job advertisers and the use of social media (E.g Linkedin).

Kate Spends Half a Day On-Site

Our Managing Director will personally visit your business to take a tailored approach to your organisation’s HR work.

Monthly Catch-up & Reviews

We offer qualitative data to direct your company’s HR strategy and we’ll be there to help you navigate your business’ HR needs.

HR Systems: Set-up and Support

We work in partnership with Breathe HR, as such we are in a strong position to help offer you a tailored set up to their HR software. Already have a system in place? No problem! We adjust to any software package that works for you.


Keeping up with the Law

Employment & Statutory Law Updates
Keeping you up-to-date with the UK’s constantly changing regulations is one of our highest priorities. We do the research so that you don’t have to.

Evolving Policies

Custom & Statutory

  1. We identify your business’ requirements and implement policies that are tailored to your needs.
  2. We also manage the legal frame work of your business to ensure compliance with the law and fair treatment of employees.
  3. Through our regular HR Health Checks we always update custom and statutory policies as and when you need them.


Sourcing Talent

We find candidates using Recruitment Agencies, Multiple Job advertisers and the use of social media (E.g Linkedin).

Writing Job Descriptions

Our job descriptions are written to be marketable, easy to understand and outlines clear expectations and benefits.

Conducting interviews

Our question structure judges competency based on analytical & Creative thinking as well as stress management and competency.

Induction & Onboarding

We provide custom handbooks, information and training to kickstart your team’s productivity.

And full access to our core services.

Kate Underwood

Managing Director

My job is to help win the workplace, while you win the marketplace. Here at KUHR we are obsessed with turning small businesses into success stories.

Our core services

Compliance Audits

We perform a deep dive into your business’ policies, procedures and practices to find vulnerabilities.

People Management skills

We teach leadership skills through 1-2-1 coaching and workshops. Helping you to make the most of your people.


Not only do we provide payroll services but we can include pension scheme administration and regulatory compliance.

HR Technology

We work in partnership with multiple HR software providers. We can help get you both setup and started to get your team online effective immediately.

Learning & Development

We have certified courses that your team can train in. We provide and recommend courses based on your business.

Employee relations case work

We conduct investigations that revolve around disciplinary and grievance procedures at your discretion. Assisting in both conflict resolution and chair hearings.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our clients have said:

“I have known Kate Underwood HR for a few years, I was very impressed from a distance. Kate’s team are professional, exceptionally organised and very pragmatic. Now as a client, I can highly recommend Kate and her team.”

Rebecca White

Rebecca White

“Kate was always a great support within Wiggle and a highly professional HR specialist. Kate worked closely with the IT teams to provide advice and guidance when relevant. This included recruitment and managing the process and relations with the agencies, along with providing guidance on HR issues.”

“Kate is one of those people that are always a pleasure to work with. She knows her business inside out and is someone you can always count on providing excellent advice & guidance, plus having a great sense of humour & easy going personality. Kate is someone I would fully recommend for HR services.”

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