HR Protect

Tailored to protect your business.

Tailored HR Services

We provide our Human Resources support through tailoring our approach to your business specifically by including.

HR Health Checks

Regular Check ups to discuss concerns and create preventative measures to ensure long-term legal security and people management.

HR Academy

We teach you, through a series of masterclasses taught by Kate Underwood herself, how to improve management skills to be a better leader and how to stay ahead of any HR complications before they happen.

1-2-1 Quarterly Phone Calls

You get a direct line to our expert team of HR professionals who have been in the industry long enough to solve all your problems and help create plans for the future of your business.

2 Hours of Direct Telephone & E-mail support monthly

We understand that you may not be able to wait quarterly so we included 2 hours of direct support from the very same experts you need, whenever you choose!

HR Protection

SME’s and small businesses alike that have begun to employ their own members of staff need structured guidance from mentors experienced in people management. This is not only in order to stay legally compliant, keeping you and your employees safe, but also to secure organisational alignment whereby your employee succeeds in the career they want and you make the strongest ROI.

Available HR Tools

  • Contracts of Employment
  • Standard Handbook
  • Statutory Policies
  • Statutory Template Letters
  • HR System Set-up & Support

Kate Underwood

Managing Director

I’m Kate and I help small business owners with the trusted HR tools and support to look after their business so they can focus on scaling it.

I have been the confidant of CEO’s, MD’s and so many other Acronyms during difficult times and provided practical solutions to implement immediately.

The mission behind HR Services

Build your work culture, workforce and security.

Make the workplace culture a lifestyle

HR isn’t just responsible for talent management, but it’s also a staple part of building a positive work environment. HR dictates the progress your employees make and at the rate they can achieve based on their work out-put and goals in a way that an ordinary person with no training can’t. This mitigation of progress spans over the whole business and without it, workers lack the resources and guidance to properly grow.

Every employee should follow a life cycle of recruitment, growth and an exit. This flow is what creates a workplace culture and without it, employees are like sheep without a Shepperd. HR Protect solves this with a simpler and cheaper solution than hiring a HR team.

The workforce

All of the employee experience is touched on by Human resources which impacts business outcomes through.

Work Output

HR protect will partner with you to analyse your company structure and what tools to use to support higher productivity specifically tailored to your business.

Higher Turnover

The workplace culture is developed by HR and it helps the company retain and grow the value of their employees.

Training Participation

HR finds the right courses of training & Development programs in order to widen an employee’s skill-set and knowledge.

Improved Security

HR isn’t all about people and paperwork. HR has countless software programs out there made with keen intent on boosting productivity in the workplace. With that means added security and encryption along with GDPR friendly apps that both you and employees can use to communicate, arrange payrolls and so much more.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our clients have said:

Sebastian Inglis-Jones

Sebastian Inglis-Jones

“KUHR have been a huge support to us as we’ve got our business off the ground – I would recommend to all!”
“Easy to deal with, friendly staff and valuable advice and guidance provided. Highly recommended.”
James Ottewil

James Ottewil

“We have used Kate Underwood HR for three years now. They have guided us through many employment issues. The set monthly cost is worth every penny.”
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