In last week’s blog, Kate shared her top 6 ‘go to’ tech for small businesses…to help with HR. This week she shares her top 6 apps for small business owners…

These are the things that I believe are helpful generally for small business owners running a business, in terms of helping you to save precious time, cut down on your admin and keep organised!

So, without further ‘a do’….here are my top bits of tech for small business owners:


I have had FreeAgent since I started my business and the best bit is that it comes free with my Natwest business bank account so I am saving money too. I can link it to my bank, expenses card and Go Cardless account for all those lovely Direct Debits.  Invoices are created at the touch of a button and you can set them to reoccur each month so you never have to forget to send an invoice again. If you link it to your GoCardless account you can also collect Direct Debits so you don’t even have to ask for the money.

I am going to sneak in an extra bit of tech here – and that is Receipt Bank which I mentioned in my last blog.


I currently have a couple of VA‘s that work with me to help keep me in check with my admin and marketing. To help manage the work they do for me, as well as keeping track of the client work Pete and I do, I use Asana.

Asana helps me to easily allocate work to different people with due dates and keep track on progress, but the best bit is that it has helped keep the email communication down. Instead of my VA’s emailing me every time they complete a task or have a query on it, they log it on Asana in the appropriate place for me to pick up when I log in, which means I don’t have to deal with it in my inbox too 🙂

I also love that I can link it to Toggl…


Toggl is an app we use for time tracking. It helps us to keep track of the time we spend on different pieces of work throughout the day and so we can always make sure that we are spending the right amount of time on the different projects for our clients, and so we can make sure we are always giving value to of our clients.


Zapier helps to ‘join the dots’ with the systems I use. It helps you integrate various online apps and platforms that you may use to run your business and so helps you save time and keep things simple.

It means that I don’t have to manually duplicate info e.g. if someone registers for a course on Eventbrite, it’s integrated with my CRM system, so the information that someone has bought a ticket gets added there too.

Other integrations include saving any meeting notes I make in Onenote to Asana, and using Acuity as a meeting booking tool which gets linked to my diary.


I use Keap (used to be InfusionSoft) as my CRM system. At first, it seemed a little intimidated with all its functionality, but after the first onboarding call, I was so pleased I’d switched to using it.

It is priced affordably for a small business like mine and fits perfectly for any businesses growing needs. With a little willingness to learn, this program really does it all, and their customer service (especially the Live Chat) is great!


Finally, this one is more of a ‘wellbing’ aid. Being a business owner can bring stress to your life, and my personal recommendation for combatting this is Headspace.

It’s an app to help you learn how to meditate and live mindfully. In particular, it helps me to sleep, and the focus exercise I usually do at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the days where I’m struggling to get through the ‘to do’ list to keep me on track for the last few hours of the working day.


I hope I’ve given a few ideas that might help the business owners out there, and do feel free to contact me if you’d like any more information on the various HR apps that are available to make your life a little easier too.


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