As I sit on the 7.08 train to London at the start of my 4th year in business Birthday I have some time to reflect.  What I want to achieve in the next 4 years?

Home Office to Office

Starting from the Harry Potter desk under the spiral staircase my environment has changed slightly, I have the same desk for when I need to catch up at the weekends but now, we are very happily settled in our office in Rownhams House.


So, as you know I do like my tech but even with all that having a great team is what makes a business run.  Over the last 4 years, I have built up the support team that helps make my business work.

Pinkdog Services & The Freedom PA both help keep me on track as virtual assistants making sure I keep up.   I get support with social media and blog writing (sorry Rachel I know it is sometimes like pulling teeth) and Liz who helps to write copy and coordinate my client communications each month, to name a few things they do.

Last year I took on an intern for the summer as a test drive and I am so pleased that I did.  I think I was spoilt with Sean a little bit as he was just so on the ball and creative and I am pleased to say that he has secured an amazing place on a Graduate scheme which I am so pleased for him for.

In February this year, I recruited Pete as HR Advisor to assist me in continuing in ensuring my clients get the best possible support they need with their team.


I have forged partnerships to help me achieve my goals with the areas I am not so gifted in.

Steve Davis Graphic Design is really part of the team above but also helps me to keep my business looking good and my clients.  From downloads to refreshing my logo’s to client handbooks Steve keeps me on track to make sure I am up to date and looking great.

The ladies at All Star Marketing Club have reversed the disdain I had for marketing at University (a few years ago) and really made me understand how to keep my business growing.  The accountability was the key thing for me as it is all too easy to let days go into weeks into months and not actually work on your business.

There are so many other partnerships I have with local businesses who we all draw on for inspiration and support.  I would need to write a blog a day to say thank you for the mutual support that we give each other.

So what’s next …

I was asked the other day would I ever want to go back to full-time employment … my answer a resounding no.  Don’t get me wrong the years working in the corporate world were great and I wouldn’t change a single job.  The last 4 years have made me realise that hard work and determination can have other rewards which are so much more invaluable.  Understanding the challenges, they have as I have them too and working out ways between us to help overcome them is such an amazing feeling.

The team will be growing again this year with an Apprentice so inject some new ideas and give the business the administrative support it needs to keep myself and Pete front facing to our clients.

Wychwood Digital (aka my brother) has been a huge support and from the tech side and earlier this year I finally gave in and he has been instrumental in helping me update my website which will be launching next week.

And finally …

Finally, a think you to my clients past present and future for supporting a small business.  Without you, I wouldn’t be here and I hope to continue with the friendly, simple and valued support that I give to you and your businesses.


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