Hands up who has a smartphone. Of course you do – it’s the twenty-first century and it’s become perfectly normal, easy and widespread for people to post a ‘selfie’, a video or comment on your business online.

Nowadays, a social media policy is an essential part of protecting yourself, your business and employees. Even the Royal Family has a social media policy, but do you?

Do you know what is legal to post and what is illegal? Do your employees understand what they should and should not say on Facebook?

Granted, most of the time, social media shines a positive light, but what about those rare occasions when it could adversely affect your business?

Three Reasons You Should Have A Social Media Policy

Protect your company’s reputation

Like all policies, a Social Media Policy will ensure that there is a clear guide of what is acceptable and what is not. It does not have to be just some basic do’s and don’ts.

It should be a policy that is not dusted off just for new starters but included in employee handbooks. Also, it is good to praise good social media interactions which will keep it alive.

Remove confusion surrounding murky legal issues

It’s a fact of life that law is complicated. A social media policy will help your business as a whole from making costly legal errors. With the correct guidance and guidelines, you will understand what responsibilities you have as an employer – for example, whether or not it is legal for you as an employer to monitor your employees.

Raise awareness of your brand – for free!

Who better to promote your brand than your own employees? A clear set of guidelines enabling your team to promote your brand positively can prove invaluable. Small businesses without a considerable budget may find having a policy helps them achieve their goals.

Social media is a minefield, and new types are popping up all the time, so remember, any policy you do introduce must be relevant and kept up to date.

ACAS has a lot of social media information on their site. Better still, if you would like to see if you have all the right policies in place why not undergo a FREE HR Healthcheck so we can see how I can help you and your team implement a robust social media policy.


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