Managing People

Owning your own business can be overwhelming at times and having an expert HR Director to talk to helps business owners feel safe. Many of my clients call me for a chat about managing people or business in general because I always provide my clients with a safe space.

Having someone on the end of a phone to be able to ask questions specifically about your business, while knowing that this person understands your business is a great bonus and an important asset.

What Sets Kate Underwood HR & Training Above The Rest?

I’m able to provide a personal touch to small businesses because I love really getting to know the company and their people. This means, if and when an HR issue does occur, I can be best equipped to help.

That said, if you prefer managing people and taking care of your own HR, that’s fine, too! Some of my clients prefer to receive coaching from me so that they can ensure they’re doing things fairly and legally.

Since HR deals with managing people, no two employee relation issues are ever the same, meaning often there is no wrong or right answer. However, following due legal process is crucial and, unfortunately, is the area where many small businesses fall down.  


Making sure you have processes and procedures in place is half the battle when managing people. Once you have these in place, the rules of the workplace become clear, consistent and fair. I can help you with the complete employee lifecycle


My blog features some great articles about managing people.

Or, if you’d prefer to book an appointment with me, simply follow this link.

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