Why Successful SME’s Outsource Learning and Development

 Guest Blog by Richard Gourlay – IMPROVE

Today I am sharing a guest blog by Richard from IMPROVE, the complete Microlearning platform for SMEs.

I recently became a partner of IMPROVE as a way to encourage my clients to ensure their teams are all up to date when it comes to statutory training. 

Traditional Learning and Development

Fast-growing and lean SME’s today are looking at outsourcing their non-essential activities to specialist partners who provide non-core activities, such as Learning and Development as part of a value-added suit so that business owners can focus on where they add most value to their customers.

Traditionally, outsourcing was focused around legal and technical compliance, HR and IT but nowadays, many SME’s have outsourced far more key areas of their business growth like Learning and Development to partners they trust… like IMPROVE!

Whether you are trying to stay ahead in a competitive market or upskilling your most valuable assets, developing people is critical in a modern workforce. Don’t leave investing in people until it’s too late. For the SME employees’ the struggle is being available, there is little time to develop people in costly feelgood away-day courses.

Employee Retention

For SME’s keeping employees is paramount. The average cost of recruiting an employee alone is around £4,500, and full replacement costs can exceed £10,000. So, keeping good people is vital for SME’s who don’t have the resources of an in-house HR department or the budget of a PLC, (Public Limited Company). We know what you’re thinking…

“How do I acquire and keep great employees?”

Well, the modern answer is to look at developing people using innovative learning solutions.

The first solution for Learning and Development is to turn to technology rather than old-school text books and classrooms. Online learning is where most people prefer to get their knowledge: From Googling to TED Talks, people are learning what they need when they need it on their phones, laptops and tablets. Online learning is now an extremely easy and common way to learn, especially for younger audiences who are used to reaching for the internet rather than the handbook.

For SME’s, experienced L&D, (Learning and Development) partners will provide turn-key solutions, that include access to LMS’s, (Learning Management Systems), best-in-class content development tools, industry-leading virtual classrooms, and so much more through learning platforms like IMPROVE.

Tailoring Learning and development to employee’s business roles and needs is easier and more focused when it is designed using an online Learning Management System. At IMPROVE, partners can move modules together into a single relevant course enabling learning to be personal, focused, short and even tested to ensure users achieved the set goals for their learning.

The other useful feature in course design is that your Learning and Development partner can design and pull-in relevant courses, which can be added to the employees’ learning profiles; thus providing a bespoke solution to your needs. From a headline talk or relevant video, through to unique ideas or company-specific learning, IMPROVE provides a flexible platform to provide tailored learning. 

For many companies, delivering induction or compliance learning, such as Health and Safety (HSE), training is often challenging without an online solution. For many younger professionals, Continual Professional Development, (CPD) is absolutely vital for their personal growth. Remember; tech is your friend!

So, Why Choose IMPROVE?

By choosing IMPROVE, you will you gain access to 50+ amazing online courses to help grow yourself, your team and your business. They make it faster and easier to develop your people, induct new starters, train and upskill existing employees and manage areas of compliances.

The cost is very reasonable as your Return on Investment (ROI) for up to 20 employees is just £1.50 per employee per month.

But wait; there’s more good news!

I am also working with clients to create custom courses on subjects such as Inductions to ensure all new starters get the same experience. 

Oh and the best bit – adding the additional courses are no additional charge from IMPROVE! 


During December there is a special offer… if you buy a year’s subscription up front by the 20th December 2020, you will get it for half price for the year! 

So, what are you waiting for… Christmas?

Sign up today to help your team blossom. 


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