Say Hello To Sarah Lowe Credit Management!

Credit where it’s due! The next semifinalist for the Small Business Award in the Hampshire 2017 Venus Awards is Sarah Lowe, owner of Sarah Lowe Credit Management.

Tell ’em What You Do, Sarah!

“Sarah Lowe Credit Management are professionals in resolving unpaid debt issues and can tailor their credit management services to suit your business needs. You will receive a personal service, having one point of contact for both your business and your customers.”

“Here at Sarah Lowe Credit Management, we will always be mindful of your customer relationships. Our collection procedures will always be carried out in a way as not to offend or alienate your debtors.”

About Sarah Lowe Credit Management

After being made redundant after working for 20 years in credit control, Sarah quickly realised that there were many small businesses who had no idea how to effectively collect payment for their invoices. This might be due to lack of time, lack of inclination, or maybe just being afraid of upsetting their customers.

Sarah wanted to give small businesses the opportunity to step away from the difficult relationship management that can go with asking for payment, improve their working relationship with their customers and also as a bonus improve cash flow. At the time Sarah’s children were young and she wanted a job that she could work around their needs.

Setting up the business allowed her to devote time to her children as well as bring benefit to other small businesses.  Sarah has never looked back – her children now have all grown up and she has another Sarah who works with her as the business has grown.

When asked Sarah said that she would invite the following to a dinner party:-

Professor Brian Cox – he’d have misc past to talk about and he’s the one person that I like to list to regarding ‘complicated’ things because he brings a refreshing simplicity to his explanations.

Freddie Mercury – He was a rock icon and I was devastated that I never got to see him perform live. An interesting life to discuss, not always happy and hopefully, he’d give us a sing song round the piano at the end.

Eddie Izzard – I love his comedy and his absolute refusal to conform. He questions every statement made, whether by politicians or celebrities and has the intellect to pull apart any unreasonable or unchecked argument and doesn’t suffer fools at all

My Mum – so she could help me clear up afterwards (!)  Actually, it would be nice to have her along. We are now at a stage in our relationship that she is a good friend. I’m sure she’d spend most of the dinner sitting back and listening, but she’d love the social.

Sarah’s biggest influence is her husband, without a shadow of a doubt. Speaking about when she was made redundant, Sarah says “He was willing to give me a chance to see if my germ of an idea for the business would work. It meant supporting me financially for the first couple of years and accepting no holidays or dinners out.”

“He never wavered in his conviction that I could make it work, even now he asks me every day how it’s going. I can share funny moments, the ‘argh this debtor is driving me mad’ moments and know that he’s proud of me and backs me 100%.”

On meeting Sarah, she is a genuinely lovely person who wants to help small business with the let’s be honest with the worst part of the job, well maybe apart from paying the tax man!

Sarah has the patience of a saint and will just keep chipping away. Having done some debt collection for the company that my father worked for when I was 16, I know it’s often a thankless task and shouting and demanding is not the answer and Sarah’s calm manner is why she and her company, Sarah Lowe Credit Management are such a success.

Watch out on tomorrow for the last (but not least!) semifinalist. If you’d like to know more about Sarah Lowe Credit Management, visit her website here.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you qualify for next year’s awards, get in touch here.


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