Hi! I´m Hannah, and Im over the moon to be the newest member of the KUHR team… until our young Kickstarters join us in June! 

I´ve been part of the team for a while, working part-time from Mallorca, Spain. But I’m delighted to announce I will soon be back in the UK to join the world of hybrid working with Kate and her team on a full-time basis. 

Kate and Becca have been super patient showing me around the remote office, and I hope theyre looking forward to returning to work as much as I am. However, after working remotely, the prospect of going back to an office environment seems overwhelmingso will be taking Kate´s highly recommended Opening up after COVID course. I urge you to check it out, too! 

Since starting at KUHR, Ive managed Employee Relations cases, written modules for our latest exciting product, Pocket HR, carried out HR Health Checks and helped our newest clients hit the ground running with contracts, policies, and handbooks. I must say its been an absolute pleasure to get to know you, your people, and your companies.   

As an HR Associate, I will be on hand to support you across the full employee life cycle and with 18 years experience of Human Resources-related experience, including Group HR positions across multiple sites 

I’ve had the privilege of working with some fantastic start-ups, talented teams of businesspeople, and skilled HR professionals, predominantly in the Hospitality sector. I’ve also been lucky to work on exciting people projects, including overseeing Company acquisitions and mergers, creating Management Development Programs, running large-scale recruitment campaigns, and implementing HR and Payroll systems, to name just a few.  

I love the variety my job brings, as no two days are ever the same. I know you’ll bring fresh new challenges I can get my teeth into! 

I’m genuinely looking forward to helping more of you in the future, supporting your journeys and sharing some magical HR secrets to help your businesses grow. 

See you all soon 🙂 


If you have any HR questions, fancy a chat, or would like to meet face-to-face, please book a call with me here! 


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