Harness HR Technologies Now… Or Get Left Behind

Just because you’re a small business does not mean you can’t harness the same HR Technologies as the large corporates. Just to let you into a secret, you don’t have to have deal with Excel spreadsheets any more! There are many low-cost or even free HR Systems available.

I have sourced or installed HR Technologies for the majority of the companies I have worked for in my corporate career. There are pros and cons to each of them. Firstly, you need to look at your business and think about what will work for you – there’s no one size fits all. So below, I will explain why should you consider using an HR Technologies to improve and grow your business.

HR Technologies Improve Your People Organisation

Keeping personnel files in one place, ideally in the cloud ensures, access at any time, anywhere. HR Technologies make it super easy to stay on top of people admin.

HR Technologies Help You Stay Compliant

Do you know which documents you need to have on file for your employees? For example, when does their Visa run out? When does their H&S Safety certification expire? As a small business owner, wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder of expiration dates to ensure you maintain your compliance?

HR Technologies Boost Employee Morale

Enabling your teams to log in and amend their own details or request holiday makes them feel valued and empowered. Any financial costs, time and effort you spend on HR Systems demonstrate the company values their employees.

HR Technologies Reduce Errors

If employees are entering details directly themselves, it reduces the risk of copy errors and puts the onus back on the employees to ensure details are correct. In a society where we are so careful with our personal data, it also stops paper files from being mislaid or left out.

As a Virtual HR Director, to maintain and protect personal data, I get my own login, so no personal information needs to be emailed to me.  This way, I can log in directly to see personnel files and any other relevant information I need to help with any people support.

Possible Cost Savings

HR Technologies mean you can store all your information in one place without the need for duplication. You can receive reports which advise about regular patterns of absence or reminders about dates that could make you non-compliant. Both of these examples could cost your business money in either in fines or lost hours.

HR Technologies Simplify The Growth Process

If you are looking to grow and expand your business, your most precious commodity – time, will only decrease while risks multiply. Ensuring your employee’s documentation and onboarding processes are correct early on will help you grow by never missing anything fundamental.

Which HR Technologies Should You Use?

When I started working with clients with under 20 employees, I decided to investigate whether HR Systems would be beneficial or not. As I did my research, my geek side came out, and I discovered there are plenty of systems around that claim to be great for small businesses. However, some HR Systems incur substantial financial and time costs. Some systems may even require a full-time person to enter the details; which in my mind is making more work not less!

While researching, I found a few systems that offer small businesses systems at either no cost or a low monthly fee. My go-to system and the one I always utilise for my business (and recommend to my clients) is BreatheHR. I could talk about BreatheHR all day long and will post more specific blog entries on how it can help your business at a later date.

The system also has an employee portal so holidays can be booked via a smartphone, tablet or computer — finally, an HR System on an SME budget!

If you are thinking of harnessing HR Technologies to manage your people or maybe a link to payroll, please get in touch. I’ll be delighted to help source and implement a system that fits you and your business.

HR Systems are not the only tech you should consider. Sign up now for a free HR Healthcheck to find out the myriad ways you could save time and money with HR Technologies.

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