Do Small Businesses need to publish a Modern Slavery statement? 

The Government has confirmed that it is going ahead with major changes to the duty on large employers to publish an annual modern slavery statement. 

So what is a large employer?

A large employer is defined as a public-sector organisation with a budget of at least £36 million per year to produce.  If you fall into this category then you would be required to produce a Modern Slavery Statement.

When do they need to publish the statement?

This would need to be updated and published by the 30th September each calendar year on a Government-run reporting service.  Non-compliance could leave to potential civil penalties.

Do you need to do anything if you are not considered a large employer?

It would depend on what industry you are in. We have been approached by employers who work for larger organisations who do have to comply with the Modern Slavery Statement if they have a Modern Slavery Policy.  It would not be relevant for all employers but for those in Recruitment or Construction having a standard policy would ensure you are covering the basics and could also help to secure projects.

You might also want to put a link to the policy on your website to highlight the fact that as a business you are trying to reduce the chances of Modern Slavery within your business.



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