Compliance Audits

Sometimes you only know what you know.  As a small business keeping up with all the compliance when it comes just to your people can be exhausting. If you just want to have an independent professional review your employee data to ensure you are compliant then we offer a few different audits that might put your mind at ease.  Also if there are a couple of things that have slipped it will give you a clear plan of action.

Full Employee Audit

  • Full Personal File Audit
  • Contract of Employment Review
  • Handbook Review
  • Policy Review
  • HR Related Data Audit (GDPR)

We can perform the full audit of the above or we can just do one part at a time – depending on what areas you think need looking at first.

Each audit will come with a full report of recommendations.

If you wanted to find out more about how to do the HR Related Data Audit for GDPR then download our handy guide to put you on the right track.

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