Compliance Audits

Here at Kate Underwood HR & Training, we understand that as a small business, keeping up with all existing and new compliance regulations for your staff can be exhausting. That’s where I can help remove the time, effort and headaches by performing your compliance audits for you.

So, whether you require a full employee audit or just a little extra help and guidance from an independent professional who will review your employee data to ensure you are compliant, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer several types of compliance audit designed to put your mind at ease. If you believe you’ve forgotten anything or maybe you’ve let things slip away from you, we can provide you with a crystal clear plan of action so you can save time, move forward with confidence and not worry.

Full Employee Compliance Audit

  • Full Personal File Audit
  • Contract of Employment Review
  • Handbook Review
  • Policy Review
  • HR Related Data Audit (GDPR)

A full employee audit includes all the above elements or, if you prefer, you may pick and choose, or we can approach one category at a time – depending on which areas you think need looking at first.

Every one of our audits includes a full report of recommendations.

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