How To Support An Employee Going Through Divorce

Employees from time to time will have some personal issues that will affect them. As an employer, you need to decide how much support you want to give to them. Today, we’re going to be looking at an all too common problem employee might face – Divorce.

This guest blog from Catherine Sousa should help you support your employee. But first, let’s get to know a little more about Catherine.

Catherine Sousa, Director of Sousa Law

Catherine established her law firm in 2009. Since then, Sousa Law has grown from strength to strength and is now a well-established law firm in the South specialising in all areas of family work, wills and probate. The firm continues to enjoy excellent client feedback and client recommendations as a consequence of the original ethos built into the firm by Catherine from day one; those of exemplary client care and clear, direct advice.

Catherine has specialised in family law in the Hampshire area since 2001. She is an active member of Resolution and a fully trained collaborative lawyer. She is accredited as a family law specialist with the Law Society. Catherine is highly experienced in all aspects of family law, particularly complex and high net worth financial issues upon divorce and separation, cohabitation and complex children matters.

Catherine was previously the Chair of the Solent Collaborative POD, and she actively promotes resolving matters outside of the court process where possible. She is also a founder member of Hampshire Family Legal Solutions (HFLS) and was key in establishing this group. HFLS promotes identifying issues and options at the early stages of relationship breakdown by working with other professionals to achieve the best process and outcomes for any children and each spouse.

Catherine is committed to helping clients resolve matters sensibly around a table and without involving the court process where possible.

Approaching Divorce Differently

Each divorce is unique; there is no question about that. Each divorce will involve different circumstances, resulting in different issues arising. Taking action in the early stages without clear, independent and professional advice can result in added hostility, unnecessary fees and financial loss.

Each divorce will involve different emotional, financial and legal issues; the essential three elements of every divorce where advice is required.  Before now, most options available to divorcing couples involve accessing support in these three areas separately often resulting in disjointed, costly and sometimes conflicting advice.

A proactive group of collaborative family professionals in the Southampton area, known as Hampshire Family Legal Services are now offering a different option for divorcing couples. The intake process is based on an initial fixed fee meeting for the couple. Lawyers, a financial advisor and a family consultant will all be present, so the couple has access to all three key areas from the outset at an affordable cost.  After the intake meeting a clear proposal letter agreed by all professionals detailing the best way of resolving matters for the couple, prioritising any children, will be detailed in writing.

I am privileged to have been involved in the creation of HFLS and the majority of cases.  Every case started with an intake meeting has been settled by agreement and in the best and most cost-effective way for the families involved.

How You Can Support Employees Through Divorce

Of course, any employee undergoing a divorce or separation will be in a vulnerable place and should be treated with empathy and an understanding ear. Above and beyond your simple acts of human kindness, Sousa Law offers clear, concise, efficient and quality advice which is delivered in a sensitive and compassionate way.

If you or your employees need support with a divorce, separation or break-up, please do get in touch with Catherine by telephone on 02380 713 060


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