Breathe HR Software keeps on getting smarter and smarter!

It’s been just over 2 months since Breathe launched their brand-new Rota, Time and Attendance module, and they now have even more useful new features.

Let us introduce you to the Breathe – People Portal mobile app, it’s a handy FREE app, suitable for both iOS and Android and gives control back to your employees. The design and use are aimed at making your employees lives easier by putting them back in control of their shifts and providing them with easy access to shift availability on the go. Here’s an overview of how it works:


View and manage shifts, anywhere, anytime

The Breathe – People Portal app will keep employees up to date with their shifts and shift changes. The handy self-service app ensures your employees receive notifications of any shift changes as soon as they are made – it really couldn’t be easier!

Annual leave? Add unavailability in a flash 

In just a few quick and easy taps on the mobile app, your employees can add their unavailability on the move which makes planning ahead to cover annual leave and organising shift swaps so much easier.

Any new requests from employees for annual leave will come straight through for your approval – quick, easy and efficient!

We’ve been busy building a useful integration that pulls your clients’ teams’ leave data from Breathe HR through to the Rota, Time & Attendance module, meaning you & your clients can enjoy all availability in one place.


Grab shift offers on the go

As soon as you have added new shifts to the rota, your people can view & pick them up straight away. Peace of mind for you and a great way for employees to quickly pick up shifts as and when they need to.

This handy app gives control back to your employees and is a quick and efficient way for you to fill shifts as and when they become available. It is important to bear in mind that access to Breathe HR via a desktop will still be required for you to create, build and amend rotas. The Breathe – People Portal app has been designed as a fantastic on-the-go tool to keep your employees in the loop and regain control of managing their shifts.


If you’d like to book a demo with us to check out these new features and find out more about Breathe, click on the button below! 


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