An HR System that makes Rota Planning a Breeze

We know that organising and communicating quickly and efficiently with your team can be challenging, especially when they are spread across various locations (especially at the moment with so many people still working from home).

Do you ever spend hours pulling together a rota for staff on paper or a spreadsheet, only to have your valuable hours work obliterated by shift swaps or absences?

Surely there must be a simpler and fuss free way to manage a team? Well, rest assured now there is, thanks to our favourite HR system Breathe!


Welcome to Breathe Rota


It takes the stress out of team organisation for small businesses and frees up your valuable time to allow your focus to be applied elsewhere.

So what are the main benefits of Breathe Rota?



Breathe Rota Management is accessible anywhere in the world and more importantly compatible with your mobile. Access the software anywhere, anytime. It really is the perfect online organisation tool for your team.



The updates are instant, meaning that both you and your staff receive all of the information in real time. There is no longer the need for multiple phone calls or emails, your staff know exactly when and where shifts are available, and you are notified by email as soon as your team responds. Communication made easy.



You have the facility to upload all of your team to the software and assign them to a location and specific job role. This handy feature means you can choose when needed to only give certain team members and/or locations notification of new shifts. You’ll know how many staff are required for each shift and you’ll be able to filter your calendar down by day/week/month by a click of a button making your rota management smarter and more efficient.


Breathe Rota is seamless, cost-effective and instant, and it will sew the seam between you and your team to ensure smooth and communicative rota management.


So, I bet you’re wondering how you can get hold of this brilliant tool! Well, if you are already a user of Breathe you will have Rota added to your subscription for free until January 2021.

And, if you’re not currently using an HR system, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial with us here.

As always, if you’d like to have a chat and find out more information on how to use Rota and how it could benefit you please do get in touch.



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