Happy 2nd Business Birthday To Me!

Today is the 2nd Business Birthday of Kate Underwood HR! 730 days and counting and I’m thinking “Wow; how did that happen? Does this mean I am in my terrible 2’s now?” I spent a little time yesterday basking in the glorious English sunshine reflecting on the past two years and what I have achieved.

Network. Network. Network.

At the risk of sounding like Kirsty Allsop from Location, Location, Location, in the two years leading up to my 2nd business birthday, I have foud running your own HR business is all about networking. I have successfully built a reliable network of people and I speak to them often. When running your own business, it is vital to make time to review everything you do. You need to ask yourself big questions like “Is it worth the time or money that is being spent on it?”

Networking is a long game for someone in my industry. Building trust and relationships are so important when you need someone to help you with your most valuable asset. As a business owner, you need to know you are talking to the right person who understands not only people but your business too. Therefore, it is vital that you make time to find out about your network, as they are your net worth.


Building a client list is a hard task not only to build but also to grow and nurture. Making sure you are reviewing your competitors and offering a competitive service. I have also realised I know that my passions lie within the hospitality, food, drink and IT sectors. The coming year after this, my 2nd business birthday will be concentrating on growing my business in these areas.

Keeping Things Simple

Why make things complicated when you don’t need to? In the coming year, I will be looking to deliver workshops on topics that small businesses need support with, such as return to work interviews, absence management and interview techniques, to name a few.

That is just one of many new ideas I have to keep small businesses informed and upskilled, so watch this space!


The one thing I have done and will continue to do is, each quarter I review what I have done and what I need to achieve next. It is so important to have achievable goals, but also review those goals regularly.

In the years before my 2nd business birthday, I never would have thought I could run my own small business, let alone keep it going for two years! My amazing support network – both in business and at home – are fantastic! I’m so grateful for everyone who supports me. I genuinely couldn’t ask for more.

Last week, I was asked if I ever think of going back to work for someone else. The answer to the question is no, nada, never, followed quickly by “I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!”

Getting here has taken much work, many late nights and forcing my brain to work hard. Making sure I maintain a meaningful work-life balance is essential as my last ten years definitely featured more work than life. I continue to support an amazing charity; their family fun day was such fun. Learning Spanish is my hardest challenge, so my nieces and nephews don’t put me to shame. I have also recently reconnected with my love of music and am determined to make time to re-learn the piano and further my love of jazz.

Lessons From My 2nd Business Birthday:

The last year leading up to my 2nd business birthday has taught me one huge lesson, and that is “Don’t have regrets!” One quote that I hold dear to my heart is from Oscar Wilde: “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”

So that’s my 2nd business birthday taken care of; before my next, I hope to have overcome my fear of being on screen and Vlog instead of Blog!


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