One Week On From The Small Business Awards…

It’s hard to think that it was only this time last week that I attended the Small Business Awards. The guest list read like a veritable Who’s Who of regional business gurus, clients, mentors and friends and a brilliant night was had by all!

Who Was At The Small Business Awards?

The lovely Samantha Kingston from Virtual Umbrella and Katy Handley-Quint from Olive’s Larder took to the stage. Also present was our judge and sponsors of the New Business Award; Sue Sullivan from Rothmans. Who else was there? The fabulous Ashleigh Spice and Steve Bieniek from The Photo Rooms were in the amazing ballroom at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl for the Southampton Venus Awards 2016. I’m gushing now, aren’t I? Sorry!

My Journey To The Small Business Awards Finals

The journey towards this star-studded night started way back in October when nominations were opened for the awards. Of course, in the beginning, being such a newbie, I was nervous but I have to say that it has been like being on a whirlwind, rollercoaster ride ever since and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Why was I a newbie? Well, yes I might have decades of industry experience, but running my own business was still quite a new experience for me. Just nine months after bringing own business kicking iand screaming into the world, it was a shock to be nominated, let alone to be nominated as a finalist! There were ups and downs along the way, right up until that nervous moment that the winner was announced. The whole experience may have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but the lovely Tara Howard keeps you on track the whole way from start to finish. Thanks, Tara!

So, Who Won The Small Business Award?

I felt honoured to be a finalist and was so proud when Sammy, the most worthy rival imaginable, won the New Business Award. She truly is an amazing woman and it’s really reassuring to know that women have a face in this very male-dominated tech world. Let’s hope that changes as more women take flight!  

If you know anything about me, I’m sure you already know that, just like Sammy, I am a little bit of a geek myself. This means I’m one of the people that understand what her business entails! Sammy and I both fully understand how technology is only going to become more and more prominent in our everyday lives. From the ways our babies (that’s both businesses and real children!) will be born, right through to how technologies will shape their whole lives. Yes, the future really is here, folks! Speaking of which…

There’s Always Next Year! 

Sadly, winning the 2016 Small Business Award was not to be, but the nine months I’ve been involved with the Venus Awards have allowed me to meet some amazing women. Being surrounded by these business goddesses has certainly imbibed me with the extra little bit of confidence that I needed. Now, when I look back at one of the toughest business decisions I’ve ever made, I can say with a smile that going it alone and starting my own business was the absolute right thing to do.

The loveliest thing that the Small Business Awards has taught me is that, though I just said the line “going it alone” – this experience has taught me you’re never really alone. 

May I once again offer my sincere congratulations to Sammy & Katy! You’re both worthy and fantastic finalists plus, from now on, firm coffee break buddies.


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