Could Pawternity soon be introduced into your organisation? It’s a well-known fact that Britain is a nation of pet lovers! Add to that the lockdowns we’ve experienced over the past few years, and you have a pet-owning boom in the UK.

Families in the UK found themselves stuck at home, and the draw to own a pet for companionship, fitness and focus led to many four-legged friends becoming new additions to homes up and down the country.

Family members with fur and four paws

Have you got family members with a bit of fur and four paws? Have you ever wished you could spend quality time with your new fur family member or knew that you needed bereavement leave after a beloved pet passes?

Well, there’s a change in the wind in what is called….

‘Pawternity’ or ‘Furternity’ 

If you haven’t come across this before, you’re not alone! This new trend has only recently been introduced in organisations and has sprung up primarily in pet stores. Pawternity leave acknowledges the growing role pets play in employees’ lives and provides them time off to care for their fur friends or for bereavement after a beloved pet passes. Pawternity or Furternity, is in acknowledgement that pets enrich our lives and are a big part of our families, and like all living things, require our time, attention and care.

What’s included in Pawternity benefits? 

As Pawternity is a reasonably new concept and hasn’t yet been well established in company culture, what’s included in Pawternity benefits varies widely between organisations.

Some organisations may provide only one day of bereavement leave, while others may include a certain number of days or even weeks off. There are also those offering the flexibility of remote working to help new pets settle into their environment and become accustomed to their new home.

It’s understandable why organisations, especially pet stores, are introducing this into their organisation. Offering employees the time to bond over a new fur family member or the opportunity to grieve at home after the passing of a beloved pet, will help to improve morale and ensure employees feel supported and well cared for by their management team and organisation.

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