What To Look For When Choosing A Cloud Based HR System

I believe a cloud based HR system is a must for all of my clients, and all small businesses with employees. Not only do they save time, but in the new GDPR world we live in, you need to make sure your employee’s data is safe and secure.

What Is A Cloud Based HR System?

A cloud based HR system simply means it is located in ‘the cloud’. You’ll no doubt have heard the term. The cloud is where users ‘rent’ hardware and/or software instead of actually buying it. You pay for the amount you use and never own it.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Many of us use some form of cloud computing without really knowing it. Gmail and Dropbox are good examples, but it could be argued that banking online or buying a book from Amazon puts you ‘in the cloud’.

Taking cloud computing to its ultimate level, businesses with hundreds of employees will operate entirely online. These businesses won’t have in-house servers or installed applications. All of their IT infrastructures, file saving and applications will be done ‘in the cloud’ and therefore they will need a tip-top cloud based HR system.

The critical thing to remember is that there is no ‘cloud’. All cloud computing is firmly land-based, often behind impressive hard and soft security. All responsible cloud providers have infrastructure that most small businesses could only dream of.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service is where users need an application to do a specific job but don’t want to buy the software. In a business situation that might include CRM tools like Salesforce or Infusionsoft. You pay for them based on how much you use, and the advantages are:

• No high upfront cost to buy and install the application
• No ongoing maintenance costs, such as installing software updates or maintaining servers.

What Does This Mean For You?

You and your clients will almost certainly be using something in the cloud. While it could be said that every client is different, there are some real benefits to Software as a Service that all businesses should consider.

Where a business needs specialist systems, cloud applications may be the only cost-effective option. If a company needs multiple employees to access a system and/or access outside of the office, then SaaS applications come into their own.

Why do you need Cloud Based HR software? Here are just five reasons:

  1. Improved security – Keeping your employee’s data within a cloud-based system means reducing the paperwork that is kept on location. The protection that goes into a system is far superior than a filing cabinet!
  2. Improved effectiveness – With an HR system, you have everything at your fingertips. This means your business decisions can be made quickly and easily.
  3. Improved productivity – A self-service system can hugely increase productivity. No longer do employees have to locate forms for annual leave or write emails updating personal information.
  4. Improved engagement – You can use tools within an HR system to track objectives, praise members of the team and send announcements to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Increased ROI – Cloud based HR systems don’t have to cost the earth, but the time-saving measures that they can bring from freeing up yours and your employees’ valuable time can be incredible!


When looking for a cloud based HR System, I always recommend breatheHR to my clients, but if you want to know more about using a cloud-based HR system, please get in contact.


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