I’m Tia and I’m the newest addition to the KUHR team! With no previous experience in HR, I was offered this opportunity as HR Assistant through Kick-starters.  

I am super fortunate to have the chance to gain some very valuable work experience with a team that is so friendly and supportive, they’ve made me feel right at home! They have a lot of patience and understanding with showing me the ins and outs of being a HR Assistant.  

My role within the team is to assist with day to day operations of HR functions and duties. You don’t realise quite how much goes on behind the scenes of a business so it’s great to gain an insight as well as an appreciation for all the hard work that gets put in. 

In my role I’m going to be working a lot with the Breathe HR system and from what I’ve seen so far it’s a great tool! If you’ve not got a HR system set up yet, I recommend you book yourself onto one of our upcoming demos

I have been out of work due to Covid-19 so Kick-starters has been a great way to get back out there and gain confidence whilst broadening my knowledge. 

I still have a lot to understand, and I am eager to learn and improve! 

I hope you all stay safe and I hope to see you soon  



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