13080The Advantages of Online Learning with IMPROVE

We want to talk to you all about the opportunities that online training can provide and a few of the wonderful advantages of Online Learning with IMPROVE.

What is IMPROVE?

IMPROVE is a fantastic online microlearning platform set up to deliver courses that enable your employees to upskill remotely.  

Online Learning with IMPROVE gives you access to 50 courses with unlimited access. There’s also the opportunity to set upmanage and build your own training courses… should you wish to 

In the current climate, budgeting for training and ensuring the best delivery of that training can be a challengeThe courses offered through IMPROVE offer an incredible resource to enable your employees to upskill and can also provide a lifeline to help ensure your team remains compliant and up to date with all company policies and procedures whilst working from home.    


What Courses are Available? 

If you wish to take advantage of Online Learning with IMPROVE, here are a wide range of courses readily available from helping with people and relationships such as being assertive, negotiating and influencing to the essential legislation and regulation in the workplace such as manual handling, fire safety and working safely.  

We all know that the online world is a minefield and IMPROVE offer courses covering aspects such as e-privacy, cyber essentialsmalware and phishing. 

Your employees can familiarise themselves with courses in a variety of areas and really dig their teeth into them.  


Why is IMPROVE good for small businesses? 

Due to the current economic circumstances, you may have found that you’ve had no choice but to furlough employees and as a result have worried about employee mental health and how you can ensure they still feel included apart of the team. IMPROVE offer courses and online learning which will help to keep employees engaged and focused and ensure that they still feel valued as part of your company 

 We often speak about employee wellbeing and there is no reason why a member of staff you have furloughed shouldn’t feel appreciatedor that they can’t upskill in a completely different area to one they are already trained in. Help provide a little structure and momentum to their day by completing a course in Excel for example even if the current role they’re furloughed from may not currently require knowledge in that area. 

Offers available  

UPDATED 26/03/2021 – IMPROVE new prices from 1st April: 

  • 1-20 users – £400 per year 
  • 21-50 users – £800 per year 
  • 51-100 users – £1300 per year 
  • 101-250 users – £2600 per year 

Online Learning with IMPROVE provides you with the opportunity to edit the off-the shelf courses and ensure the content delivered is specific to your business. As well as the ability to quickly and easily build, publish and deploy your own learning content and courses. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also gain access to an extensive reporting suite to track and record essential staff training.   

In this new lockdown we find ourselves in, there is no reason why you can’t offer a platform to upskill, provide learning and keep your employees engaged, safe in the knowledge that when this is all over you, your employees and your business will come out bigger, better and stronger.  

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If you’d like to find out more about Online Learning with IMPROVE, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call us on 02382 025160. 



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