HR in Your Pocket! 

Before we introduce Pocket HR, a quick question: Have you ever wished you had help with HR?

Starting out as a business owner – full of hope and expectations – human resources probably wasn’t that high on your priorities list. Perhaps you viewed HR as unnecessary or a luxury you didn’t want to pay for? You may have even decided HR was something you could handle yourself or thought only companies with hundreds of employees needed.

The harsh reality is, as soon as your company employees staff, taking HR seriously becomes vital to your survival and growth. HR is an integral part of your business plan and should be ignored at your peril!

Why is it Vital to Stay Legal?

The first and most important reason you need to bring in HR expertise is to help you remain one step ahead of ever-evolving government legislation. Employment laws and regulations are frequently changed or updated, so it’s vital you and your company stays legally compliant. At best, falling foul of employment laws could scupper a startup before it gets going. At worst, it could land you in jail.


That’s not the only reason outsourcing your HR is essential. At Kate Underwood HR & Training, we are firm believers that your people are your company’s most valuable asset. Our HR best practices will help you recruit, train, develop, manage, appraise and reward your staff, – helping you work faster, smarter and more efficiently to create a firm which attracts and retains the very best employees.

What Are Your HR options?

You could employ a full-time HR Manager but the expense is beyond most startups and SMEs. It’s also possible to outsource your HR responsibilities to an HR Consultant like ourselves, but you have to find one you trust and reflects your own values. There is a third option, though, and that’s a membership program that allows you to take control of your own HR.

After two decades in corporate HR, in both the private and public sector and since 2015, and has helped hundreds of small businesses with their HR concerns I wanted to increase the number of small businesses I could support.  However, being a tech-lover, I soon realised many small and new companies could do much of the legwork themselves… if only they had intuitive, clearly-designed and easy-to-follow membership that allowed them to do so. That’s why I created Pocket HR.

Pocket HR: The HR Department in your Pocket!

Pocket HR is a brilliantly straightforward membership program provides small business owners with guidance and templates using my unique employee lifecycle that is in 7 stages.  The membership is a took-kit which covers everything from employment terms and conditions, recruitment, policies, staff leave (including holiday, parental and all other time off work) to managing employee conduct and performance, PocketHR is the one-stop-shop that solves all your Human Resource headaches – in your own time.

For a small monthly fee, the easy-to-use, downloadable Pocket HR app provides – as the name suggests – your own HR department in your pocket!

Even better, if you find yourself with an HR problem that Pocket HR cannot solve, you then have the back up of Kate Underwood HR who will be on hand to bring decades of experience and provide solutions to get your business back on its feet!

Pocket HR really does provide everything you need to manage your employees and create a happier, more successful, more satisfying working environment.

We will be holding an online discovery session on Wednesday 4th November 2020 @ 12 pm so you can find out more and ask questions about becoming a founding member!

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