Introducing Danielle Rolfe & Penton Park

After much deliberation, the finalists for the small business award in the Hampshire 2017 Venus Awards have fnally been decided upon. And I’m delighted to announce that, starting proceedings off is Danielle Rolfe from her privately owned wedding venue, Penton Park in Penton Mewsey. Take it away, Danielle!

Tell Us All About Penton Park, Danielle

“Three generations all living under the one roof at Penton Park, which is first and foremost our family home. Doug and Viv (Granny and Granddad), Danielle and Guy (Mum and Dad), Elizabeth and Georgiana (the twins), and Camilla (the baby)!”

“On a few days of the working week, we open up the doors of our beautiful family home to offer a unique environment for members of the disabled community to come and spend time at James’s Place. The rest of the week, Penton Park is our private family home, except when we find ourselves hosting weddings, private parties, film crews, or conference bookings, there is never a dull moment!”

“You will usually have the chance to meet with all the family during your visit to really get a feel of what we are all about. The whole family takes an active part in making sure any visitor to Penton Park has all of their needs met from the moment they arrive at the front door.”

About Danielle

Danielle started her career in marketing after completing a degree in Science. She then moved to work in the insurance industry. Her husband then offered her the opportunity to move to the countryside and ‘save the family home’ along with his parents. The move happened in August 2010 and it was in 2015 that Danielle took full control of running the estate as a managing partner. Between this time Danielle was starting a family and working alongside her husband on the financial side of running the estate.

Danielle has first-hand experience at Penton Park as a wedding venue as her own wedding was hosted the stunning Grade II listed house.

When asked, Danielle said that she would invite the following to a dinner party:-

Richard Branson – as he is a huge motivator and Danielle loves his blogs.

Danielle’s Grandad – as he died before he could see the ‘big white elephant start becoming a success and she would love to quiz him on his business.

Frank Sinatra – for some tunes to keep us entertained

Margaret Thatcher – Regardless of political persuasion, you have to respect and admire her position in the male-dominated world.

Danielle says her biggest influence is definitely her husband, Guy. “He is a serial entrepreneur and without his idea’s vision and belief in her would not have achieved half of what she has done to date. He has plans for the Victorian Kitchen – so watch this space.”

Danielle is a confident businesswoman who loves being a mother and she includes her children in her business. On meeting Danielle, I find the business is like another family member who they have helped to nurture and grow and are extremely proud of and looking forward to the next chapter of Penton Park. 

If you’d like more information on Penton Park, visit Danielle’s website, and if you’d like to start viewing your business as a family member, I can help with that! Check out my website here.


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