Hi there!

I’m Dyllan, the newest and (I’m reliably informed) loudest member of the KUHR team! I’m delighted to announce I’m one of the young up-and-coming kick-starters who are here to learn as much as we can while we can.

So far, it’s been a blessing to be working with people who make you feel like a part of something great as opposed to, you know… just having a job somewhere. Kate, Becca and Hannah have shown nothing but kindness and these days––at least in my experience–– that’s a rarity.

My role here is to provide Sales and Marketing assistance for Kate and the brand, which is a lot more fun than you would think at face value!

I’ll be responsible for e-mail marketing, creating marketing literature, and I’m on my way towards getting hands-on experience with digital marketing. It’s crazy how much being here has changed things for me.

I’ve managed to swim my way out of a whirlpool of part-time gigs and temp work and find my way onto the shores of a shiny new career that starts here at Kate Underwood HR.

On the off chance that you’re another young, enthusiastic kick-starter reading this… you also have the chance to be here, so get on it NOW before somebody else does. Take it from me; such great opportunities only come around once in a blue moon, so get in touch on [email protected] while you can!

I hope I get to meet you…

Until then… catch you later!



Do you want your own Dyllan?

Do you have the capacity to give some valuable work expereince to a 16-24 year old?


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