Why Did We Come Up With The HR Academy?

Like all businesses, we have had to adapt with the current coronavirus pandemic and we have been trying to adapt how we work to ensure our customers still receive the very best service.

Over the last 6 weeks we have:

  • Supported our clients old and new with how to best ensure they are looking after their teams and their business
  • Supported All Star Marketing Club on their daily Business Support Webinars giving free update and advice
  • Introduced virtual coffee chats with clients instead of meeting them to keep them updated and in touch
  • Reviewing policies to ensure all our clients are up to date and creating new ones off of the back of Coronavirus

And today, we are delighted to announce we are launching our brand new HR Academy!

What is HR Academy?

We work with lots of small businesses who have seen growth and therefore have managers and supervisors employed who may have never either managed a team before. There are some straightforward tasks that need to be completed to help with keeping teams engaged, motivated and valued that business owners and managers can do – but if they don’t’ know how to do it, it makes it difficult.

The HR Academy will primarily be a source of information for our service plan clients instead of the face to face workshops we were going to run.

The HR Academy different sections for different topics depending on what is needed at the time.

Breathe Easily

When new clients start with Breathe, their employees need to learn a new system. We have created some how-to videos for HR Academy to help with this onboarding process for employees, line managers and HR Admin.

We have already created a few training sessions but will be adding in more to ensure that employees, line managers and admin users get the best out of the system.

People Management

HR Academy will contain various sections of people management to help owners and managers with all types of topics.

These will include absence management, disciplinary, grievances, appraisals, flexible working as just some key topics.

The aim for these sessions is for someone to get an understanding into how to complete for example a return work meeting and any related materials that they might need.

Soft Skills

We get asked during a lot of people management cases or about other training that might be beneficial to teams. This will be developed over the next couple of months to include topics such as Time Management, Team Work, Conflict Resolution. These will be larger modules and have some tasks to complete before moving onto the next session.

If you have any suggestions for these then please let me know.

HR Tech

As some of you know we like our tech at Kate Underwood HR. There are so many programs to help with the day to day of managing teams or organisations as well as all those HR admin tasks so I thought rather than you just reading about them in a blog I thought I would bring them to life and show you the benefits. It will be a helpful resource for both HR admin and also as a small business owner myself – some of the technology I use to help keep my time free to concentrate on my customers.

We hope that you enjoy our academy and we look forward to growing the content week by week.

How Kate Underwood HR Can Help You Today…

If you need any HR support or have any questions about the HR Academy, please do get in touch.

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