Check Out These 10 Free TED Talks On Leadership

As bosses, we understand just how often employees, colleagues, and partners turn to you when they have questions, concerns, or need advice. Remember; advice usually has consequences, so it’s important to give a well-rounded answer.

That’s why continually improving your leadership skills is vital for small business owners. With the holiday season in full swing, now is the ideal time to catch up on some TED talks from some brilliant, engaging individuals.


1. Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership


Drew Dudley is a Leadership Development Coordinator at the University of Toronto, Scarborough and the founder of Nuance Leadership Development Services. In this video, he explains how leadership should be about the “lollipop moment.”  Lollipop moments are situations where you have made someone else’s life better.


2. Fields Wicker-Miurin: Learning From Leadership’s Missing Manual


In this great talk, Fields Wicker-Mirurin reminds us  there is no such thing as a leadership manual – as there is no one way to lead. She relays some fantastic stories from leaders and their sources of inspiration.


3. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Sinek, author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Actionshares another great talk on how to become an inspirational leader. He uses the simple question of Why?


4. Nigel Marsh: How to Make Work-Life Balance Work


As a small business owner, how to achieve a work-life balance is the golden question. You can read my previous blog for some ideas, but Nigel says in his talk that it isn’t as complicated as it appears. Making small changes can make a significant impact on your work and relationships.


5. Amy Cuddy: How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are


Finally, I can see a link to watching American TV shows and leadership! The ‘superhero pose‘ in Greys Anatomy could actually work to boost our confidence levels. Amy explains how body language is not just about how others see us but how we see ourselves.


6. Stanley McChrystal: Listen, Learn… Then Lead

Stanley McChrystal is a Four-Star General. In this talk, he shares some of the most important leadership knowledge he picked up during his illustrious career. Skills he cites include learning through listening. This oft-forgotten trait enables you to lead a group to a common goal.


7. Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders


If you haven’t read ‘Lean In’ I would thoroughly recommend, but why not start with this great talk on why Sheryl believes why we have so few women leaders.


8. Dan Pink: The Puzzle Of Motivation


A few years ago, the subject of my dissertation was; ‘Is money the only motivator for employees?’ In this talk, Dan Pink explores other ways to reward your teams. He also touches on the subject of change, i.e. if you’ve been using the same techniques for years, you might want a rethink.


9. Roselinde Torres: What It Takes to Be a Great Leader


The ultimate question that any small business owner wants to know!  Roselinde gives three questions to ask to find out the answer.

10. Tom Wujec: Build A Tower, Build A Team


If you want some great ideas on team-building challenges, then this is the talk for you. Using fun has always been a source of engaging but Tom believes that game can generate fresh ideas and build rapport. Whatever you are doing this Summer, make sure you spend some time on you and your own development and also have some downtime. I hope you enjoy these talks and look out for my top 10 books to read on holiday… coming soon.

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