Workplace Wellbeing – what is your strategy

As the cost of living increases up and down the country, most households will be facing a decline in their standard of living as wages fail to keep up with increased costs.  

The past two years have been anything but stable and these increases in costs are now on top of the stress and worry we’ve all had to carry in that time.  

It is understandable that for most, anxiety levels are through the roof and stress and worry are now a part of our everyday lives. The Government doesn’t seem to have a handle on the crisis and rising inflation and increase in taxes are hitting families hard.  

As we all navigate through this new tricky terrain, looking after our health and wellbeing is a necessity. We understand that as a small business you may not have the funds to be able to offer your employees a cohesive benefits package or the type of employee benefits that you think would be most beneficial to them. This is where Pirkx can offer both you and your employees help in hand.  

Wellbeing Benefits 

Pirkx is an online health and wellbeing benefits platform that helps manage mental and physical health in an affordable way. It is not solely for employees but also for access by the whole family too.   

Through Pirkx wellbeing benefits are accessible to all at a low cost, there is no minimum contract length, and you can choose to leave at any point should you find it not to be a good fit. Its mission is to bring wellbeing benefits to one million members by 2025 and there is already a large range of benefits available to you from health to wealth, social and education.  


  •  Access to a fully qualified private GP 24/7 and prescriptions delivered to your door, 
  • Discounted gym membership 
  •  Discounted private health cover
  •  Elderly care and newborn advice
  • Access to an interactive app to improve mental health resilience


  •  Free debt management help
  •  Support for those who have an irregular income
  • Free and impartial money advice
  • Discounts on holidays and days out and much, much, more. 


  • Access to a confidential pirkx counsellor who will offer mental and emotional support 
  •  Savings on everyday products including food, clothes, DIY and movies


  •  Discounts on internationally recognised qualifications from the UK’s leading training providers 
  •  Free online training courses from bookkeeping to managerial skills to first aid
  •  Courses for the whole family

Pirkx is here to help! As the cost of living increases, Pirkx offers affordable wellbeing benefits that will improve health, wellbeing and happiness for not just individuals and employees but the whole family too. The price for a membership to Pirkx varies depending on whether the membership is for personal use, business or clients. You can find out more here.

Wellbeing Bingo

Here at KUHR we are taking our wellbeing very seriously and will be taking up Xmas Wellbeing Bingo so we can try and jumpstart our 2023 and have a great time at Christmas feeling all zen and relaxed ……  Why not join in and let us know what you have been up to using #kuhrwellbeingbingo – no pic means no proof !  Click on the image below to get started !

Wellbeing Bingo Kate Underwood HR
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