A Fitness Challenge for You and Your Employees!

2020 has been a helluva tough year, right? What with Coronavirus and all the lockdowns, furloughing, and job uncertainty that comes with it, we can’t wait for New Years! With the ever-changing rules that we are facing and uncertain futures, it’s completely understandable to feel a little off-kilter. 

Not knowing if we are coming or going and restrictions on seeing family and friends can wear even the strongest of people down. Routines aren’t what they used to be, working from home means we are a mere arm’s length away from reaching tasty treats. They call it working from home, but here at Kate Underwood HR & Training, we’ve found “living at work” to be a more accurate description. Many of us now work, sleep, eat, meet (via video conference) …at home and we can quite easily go a few days (or more) without even leaving the house!  

We all know that human beings are social creatures and we crave interaction with others. This is one of many reasons why the past seven months may have been incredibly difficult for many of us and why a lot of people are feeling so unmotivated and disconnected. With few events to look forward to and just about anything exciting put on hold, it’s so very easy to fall into those bad habits of eating more and getting little to no exercise. Those 10,000 steps we all used to aim for – are they a thing of the past? 

In these ahem… challenging times, now more than ever it is so incredibly important to make sure we are looking out for our employees, as well as our physical and mental health. So, we encourage you and your workforce to stand up out of that chair, get out of the office, get moving, get connected, set a few fitness goals, encourage one another, and challenge yourself.  

And that’s how our exciting Fitness Challenge is here to help!

How Can YOU Encourage Physical Fitness in Your Workplace? 

With darker winter nights drawing in, these winter months are important are the optimum time to increase motivation and reconnect. As an employer how can you help encourage physical fitness within the workplace? You could set up an office (or virtual office) challenge for employees to draw on their competitive side. Team up, set goals and watch as miles tally up, fitness improves, and minds clear. The Fitness Challenge can take any form; walk, run, jog, swim, skip, the choice is yours.  

As a great incentive to keep all y’all moving, Rees Leisure has introduced a fitness challenge. It’s called the ABP Run up to Xmas Challenges– virtual runs for you, your employees and colleagues to take on to get fit in the run-up to the festive season.

The Fitness Challenge can be both office-wide with milestone goals of 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 miles and/or personal. You can make things personal by challenging employees and colleagues to complete their own personal milestones of 13.1 miles, the mighty half marathon or dare I say it 26.2 miles – full marathon!  

Exercise is proven to be a great benefit to mental health, and we can all help each other be fitter, stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. If the personal and office achievement alone wasn’t enough of an incentive, you can even buy a little piece of memorabilia for your team by way of a t-shirt, medal or even an office fitness challenge trophy to boost morale!

Plus, for anyone who did want to purchase their half marathon tee and medal, there is a 50% discount which will be applied at checkout by following this link and using the discount code: UNDERWOODHR 

(please note discount is only available on the ABP Half marathon and Winchester half marathon tees).  

Autumn and Winter needn’t be dull and dreary; they can be fun and competitive with a fun fitness challenge. So, isn’t it time to boost mental and physical health by keeping motivated, motivating others and getting fit at the same time? Go on, you know you want to! Your employees, colleagues and friends will thank you in the long run. (See what we did there?!)

So get outta that chair and get moving! 

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