How On Earth Do You Manage The Number Of Staff In The Office?


The question ‘How Do I Manage The Number Of Staff In The Office’ was relevant before the world changed, but it’s even more relevant now people have started returning to work after COVID-19, lockdowns, furloughing and Working From Home… or as we like to call it, Living At Work!

Once again, those clever boffins over at Breathe HR have hit the nail on the head by delivering a wonderful and easy-to-use feature to help companies manage to get employees back into the office. And in doing so, it will help you manage the number of staff in the office at any one time.

The new feature is called the Location Management tool and it’s super cool. 

Planning your business’ return to work? To help make choosing the number of staff in the office a breeze, Breathe HR have launched a brand-new feature, the Location Management tool.



Booking A Place

Want to limit the number of staff in the office coming into contact with each other during these challenging times? How about just keeping track of the number of staff in the office for hot-desking purposes? Either way, your staff members can book a place in your workplace via their own dashboard, where they’ll see a location booking tile. They can choose a location and date:

Once a place has been booked, a confirmation email will be sent to the user to acknowledge the booking.

The new location management tool allows HR users to set a maximum amount of places that can be booked for a location.

To set location capacity, simply click the icon:

Once the capacity is set, your team will be able to book places at a location. They won’t be able to book a space if capacity has been reached.


Viewing Bookings

From within the location management section, HR users can get an overview of bookings for a location by clicking on the actions arrow to view bookings.

From here, the number of bookings, spaces, and capacity will show, as well as a list of people who have booked at this location.

If you need to, you can then cross-reference this data with your furlough report to show those that have been back to the office. 

There really has never been an easier way to track the number of staff in the office!

Not Utilising Breathe HR yet? You’re Missing Out Big-Time!

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ll know we love Breathe HR and often wax lyrical about it. Apologies if we sound like a broken record but there’s a jolly good reason – Breathe HR makes your life so much easier. If you haven’t read about this marvellous HR software before, please do check out our blog on the benefits of Breathe.

Working remotely may mean you have a reduced number of staff in the office… meaning there are more things to do – so why give yourself a break as a business owner? Breathe’s Location Manager and man other features take the headache of your employee admin for around £1 per employee per month!

If you would like to demo the system yourself then please click here or if you would like to have a guided demo by one of the team then just click here to book a time that suits you.

Whatever number of staff in the office you’ve decided upon, why not give yourself a give of time this September and make that change! Go on, you deserve a little break! 


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