Get your HR sorted – make 2023 your year

It’s February and January has gone past in a blur.  I bet you have big, exciting goals for your business?!  How is that going so far?

One thing I notice when speaking to my clients, is many of them skip one vital step when they’re making new plans for the year ahead…

They don’t consider the impact that HR can have on reaching their goals.  All small businesses need to get their HR Sorted.

You see, HR encompasses a lot. It’s not just telling people off and occasionally firing them.

There’s far more to it than that. It’s:

• Helping your people develop their skills and grow professionally.
• Making sure everyone understands the importance of their role and what’s expected of them.
• Helping them to realise their value and taking care of their health and wellbeing.
• Make sure your business always adheres to employment law as well as the ACAS code of practice.
• Protecting both your people and your business from fines, criminal charges, and tribunals.

So why bother getting your HR Sorted?

If you don’t spend enough time making sure you’re covering all your HR bases, your people aren’t going to thrive.

If you continue to neglect your people and HR, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to do well this year.

You might already see some triggers:

  • Lots of sicknesses
  • Do you always seem to be recruiting staff because they don’t stay very long?
  • Customer service is suffering because you don’t get any consistency as your staff are never the same.

To help understand what you need to get sorted, I’ve written a new guide called: Get your HR Sorted. (Catchy huh)

Inside, you’ll discover:

• The essential documents you need to keep up to date
• How to stay legally compliant
• How a great people plan can help you achieve business goals
• Why training for you and your managers is an awesome idea
• How to fix things that are causing you problems
• And how to get expert support when you need it

Benefits of getting  your HR Sorted

As a business owner myself, I know it is all about the return on investment (ROI).

  • Employees who feel valued and engaged = have increased productivity
  • Reduced turnover = spending less money
  • Giving targets to your team and regularly appraising = increasing sales and reducing complaints

To get your copy, simply click on the image below!

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