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As employment law is always changing, it might be a good idea for your business to undergo an HR Health Check. As a small business owner, you probably don’t have time to give your business a Human Resources M.O.T. until something goes wrong.

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Our clients have said:

“I was introduced to the World of HR Systems by Kate and having the team set up on a system makes funning a business sooooo much easier when it comes to managing staff. What Kate doesn't know about HR Tech is probably not worth knowing”

Victoria Vickery

Founder & Marketing Director, All Star Marketing Club

“Kate in an innovative consultant who is very capable in helping organisations design and implement an effective HR strategy”

Peter Fullard

Founder and CEO, Upskill People

“Kate Underwood HR ahs proved to be the perfect HR Partner for our rapidly growing HR Business.  Whether its been helping to initally stablish our HR processes or policies, selecting and confidering our online tools or providing on going HR advice and Support”

Andy Heather

Director, Tonic Analytics

“Kate is passionate, conscientious, informed, proactive and responsive.  She has a wealth of expereince she is happy to share and a great understaning of HR which she imparts in an easy to follow way which makes it seem so much easier to manage a small business.”

Nina Basset FIH

Owner, Hotel Terravina / A Spot in the Woods

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