This month, I thought I’d ask a self-employed friend to be the guest blogger and share their story about their journey into self-employment and their advice for people in the same boat. 

Not again!

I recently found myself being made redundant again for the third time and with that comes the stress and worry of how I will pay the bills and keep the money rolling in. I had spent the last 6 years in the Training Industry assessing people initially with Apprenticeships before moving into teaching Employability skills, a profession I really enjoyed.

So now I was facing that same dilemma that everyone who has been made redundant faces, what do I do next?

Do I look for something similar? Do I look at changing my career path? Are there alternatives? I knew I had many skills to offer and I had really enjoyed helping people move into employment and found it very rewarding; however, the industry was changing and full-time jobs as a company employee were becoming hard to find.

Maybe there was a possible alternative, become Freelance?!


Becoming freelance meant I could look at taking on any work offered by any company, not being tied to just one. I could manage my own workload and schedule, and if a company “went under” I could find more work elsewhere. Being a Freelancer would require a big change in my employment status, I would have to become Self-employed, something I only had a very basic knowledge about. I quickly realised I needed to find out more about what was involved in becoming self-employed.

DA Training and Consultancy

I spoke to a company called DA Training and Consultancy who can deliver a qualification called “Award in Understanding Enterprise”, which is all about how to set up a business. There was an additional benefit with this course, as I was unemployed, they could offer me the course for FREE! 

The units covered in the course were:

  • Understand the skills and knowledge required to run a business
  • Understand how to manage money in a business
  • Understand how to market your business


“The course was informative, Mike the tutor, was helpful and friendly and it has given me the knowledge I needed to get started in setting up my own business and becoming self-employed.”

I am now all set up and back working in the industry, helping people who are unemployed or recently made redundant and I recommend the Enterprise course to all of them and I recommend it to you!

DA Training and Consultancy offer many other qualifications like: Employability Skills, Conflict Management, Retail Skills, Administration, Customer Service and Functional skills, to name just a few. If you are unemployed contact them, as they can help you improve your skills and employability.

You can contact them on: 0845 269 2609.


If you would like to talk about any aspect of training and development for you or your staff please get in contact.  I can help with careers plans for you and your team to develop them and retain your talent.  Either email me on [email protected] or book a call.

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