Reasons why you should use breatheHR…versus not!

I know I might sound a bit like a broken record on the topic of HR Systems, but I really do think they are a valuable tool for small businesses with employees, and breatheHR is by far the best in my opinion.

So, if you’re still pondering on whether you should invest in something like breatheHR, here’s a list of the top reasons why you should use breatheHR….rather than an alternative:

  1. You can get rid of HR admin …

…and focus on growing your business, because;

  • You can automate holiday booking and sickness processes
  • Your team is responsible for updating their records
  • You can receive reminders for key events/dates


  1. You can develop and empower employees …

…to manage your staff effectively, because;

  • There’s a built in process for 1-1s and performance management
  • You can record and monitor employee objectives
  • It allows you to delegate to managers


  1. Motivated employees …

…so staff feel valued as you’ve taken the time to manage them, because;

  • The Kudos feature – lets you give instant recognition for a job well done
  • You can view objectives and monitor progress
  • You can track benefits & reward


  1. Attract employees …

…and differentiate your business, by;

  • Demonstrating you take staff induction, training and skills seriously
  • Implementing a high quality induction process
  • Using a smart performance management process


  1. Access on the move …

…breatheHR works around you and your employees, it;

  • Is available to everyone, when and wherever
  • Has online announcements to all your team
  • Sends email reminders of key events
  • Has shared documents and templates


If you like the sound of these functionalities but aren’t yet using a system, Book a free demo and I can introduce you to the benefits of breatheHR.

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