HR Investigations

When something goes wrong or you believe an employee is not doing something right,  HR Investigations are often the best course of action as they help to make things much clearer. Experienced Human Resource professionals understand that maintaining good employee relations is difficult. Therefore, seeking advice from someone impartial, like myself, is sometimes the best option as our guidance eliminates you making poor, life-changing decisions in the heat of the moment. 

From fraudulent timesheets, missing stock or theft of company documents, I can help you ensure that processes are followed to save time later.

HR Investigations are not just reactive services. They can also be proactive. For instance, I helped companies ensure that they were compliant with new GDPR regulations before they were implemented to make sure their data was secure.

Also, as a small business in order to conduct a proper HR Investigation, it can take time but a fresh set of impartial eyes could end up saving you a lot of time and money.

GDPR Data Breaches

An HR Investigation is the perfect way to assist your company should you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a Data Breach. They are also ideal for implementing remedial action to prevent further breaches.


HR Investigations also help you implement IT HR Security Policies which not only cover Internet Usage and Laptop or Desktop Usage but also Mobile Phones and Social Media. They are the best way to ensure that all IT-related points have been covered during any onboarding or exit process. 

Whether you require full HR Investigations, or simply have an HR question you’d like some help with, why not book a call with me?

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