I totally back Breathe HR in striving to help end employee admin as much as possible!

So, I am pleased to tell you about their payroll export tool, a brand sparkling new feature that is now available within the BreatheHR app.

Payroll Export Tool

The payroll export functionality has been carefully designed with the intention of streamlining the way you manage payroll

  • by keeping all sensitive information in one secure place
  • removing the headache of importing employee data to your payroll system
  • saving you valuable time as a result.

To help you see how this new import process works and how to use the new feature, Breathe HR have produced a handy video to explain all, which you can find here:

How does the new payroll export tool benefit you?

The new payroll export tool allows you to download payroll-ready files of your employee information from the Breathe system. This can then be imported straight into your payroll software in just a few clicks. The tool can be used for onboarding new employees’ details and updating existing ones too.

When building this functionality Breathe worked hard to ensure that it would meet the import requirements of a wide variety of payroll providers in the UK.

As such, they have provided two options when you go to export employee information. You can either download all of the data with the changes included (e.g. salary adjustments), or alternatively, you can simply export any changes that have occurred within the data. The process can, therefore, be tailored to whichever payroll system you’re using.

Say goodbye to tedious payroll admin

When pulling data with the payroll export tool, employee information is separated into four different spreadsheets. These files cover the following changes;

  • Employee personal information
  • Salary information
  • Benefit information
  • Additional payment information

With this data readily split into categories, it means that there is no longer a need for you to spend unnecessary time fine-combing large amounts of data in order to find what you need.

 Payroll, the Breathe way

Once exported from the Breathe payroll export tool, spreadsheets of employees data can be imported directly into a payroll system.  So it makes it a really simple exercise!

And, if the data needs to be adjusted and/or re-downloaded, then Breathe has it covered: all past exports can be rebuilt and re-run.

To find out more, or if you have any queries on how to use the new features why not book a Demo.

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