The benefits of ensuring your legal compliance on statutory training can save you a lot of money not to mention your reputation.

Kate Underwood HR has partnered up with Upskill People to create a unique opportunity for my clients.

Bespoke packages are available for small businesses to in a variety of statutory topics to keep you legal.  In addition to my passion for food and drink and with my twist of geek, with Upskill People being a specialist in Hospitality training there are a bank courses from Gin to Cellar Management.

Upskill people also use gamification to make things a bit more fun and also have the ability to allow me to write bespoke courses just for you.  Some of the courses that are covered are –

  • Fire Safety Essentials
  • Health and Safety Essentials
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Food Hygiene Essentials
  • Equality Essentials
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Awareness
  • Data Security Essentials ** shortly relaunching to include GDPR awareness
  • PCI Essentials

Upskill People endeavour to ensure their courses are developed and endorsed by the institutions that enforce them.

Each business has its own unique product or service and making sure your team have the knowledge of these products and services is imperative.  With staff turnover or growth of a business, this knowledge can get diluted.   Regular training will help keep this up to date and be a valuable tool for any new employee to your business.  What’s more with my twist of geek all of these can be put on E-Learning so that the training is delivered in a consistent and fun way.

I would be happy to chat about how to design and implement this bespoke training into your business.

Areas Covered: South East, England.  Hampshire (Andover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester), London, Dorset (New Forest, Bournemouth), Surrey (Guildford, Farnham)

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