Are you, like many businesses in the UK, having to reconsider finances in 2022? The small business community are now taking redundancy plans as a popular option for cutting back on expenses. Whether you’re the one being made redundant, or the employer having to make the difficult decision, this whole ordeal is never easy.

You’re either being let go of a job that supports you or losing someone who has been a part of your business. We know it’s difficult, which is why it’s never been more important to understand the public services you’re entitled to, regardless of your position.

The charity service Careers Action provides is for working professionals who are about to face or already have faced unemployment. Just like how a GP refers you to another service, it’s your duty as an employer to put your redundant employees in a position where they are supported. It’s all part of maintaining a good employee experience right through to the end.

Careers action provides a range of free non-profit services such as Job Seeker’s boot camps that provide not just opportunities but also trains you to market yourself, negotiate offers and how to navigate and make the most out of the job market. They give career consultations where you speak to a professional about your current circumstances and they even have a Networking Directory for you to explore new opportunities.

On the other hand, for employers who are seeking support and guidance on how to implement a smooth redundancy process we offer the 10 step redundancy package for small business owners who need coaching, financial guidance, the HOW of redundancy and additional resources. Our readers get a 30% Discount off our Redundancy Package (making it a very affordable £50!) so be sure to learn more through the link below.


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