On a dark November day in 2015 when I received my nomination for the Venus Awards which brightened up my emails and my journey has been amazing since then.

My Journey

Being nominated was just the first step in an amazing journey on meeting some fantastic and inspirational women.  Attending the semi-finalists announcement at the amazing new Peter Cooper VW showroom in Hedge End there was a buzz of excitement.   The lovely Tara Howard makes every occasion special.  To be shortlisted as semi-finalist for not just one but two awards was incredible in my first year of business.

In January I met with Sue and Lisa from Rothmans for the New Business Award and they made me realise that I was doing more and understood more about marketing than I realised gave me a massive confidence boost.  I also had my interview with Mike Turnbull from Peter Cooper VW for the Influential woman and enjoyed going back to their fabulous new showroom.

Finalist Announcements

February came around so quickly for the finalist’s announcement and my fellow finalists in the New Business Awards are a truly inspirational.  I am sure that we are going to be a great support for each other for many years to come. We decided to meet for a coffee to find out more about each other and how we can promote each other’s business as at the end of the day there was nothing more we could do.

Today there are only 9 days to go until the colourful and glamorous awards ceremony and Venus as been doing what she does best and has written a blog about all.

I know that although I would love to win having met my fellow finalists I would be happy for either of them to win.  To get to the final three we have achieved so much.  We are women who work hard and have a passion for what we do and #believe in what we do.

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