Tech Tuesdays

So as a self-confessed geek most people that know me, know that I love tech and finding new apps and programs to help small business owners – or frankly just to turn the kettle on to make sure the water is boiled for tea when I walk in the door – that is essential, right?  I also know when my two new kittens are in and out of the house!


So I have decided to write a blog series and let you in on some of the tech that I have found and use to help me, my business and my clients.


Today we have a double-bubble firstly we are using Loom to demo a great bit of tech to do explainer videos – our next blog will be going into more depth on Loom so watch out on the 27th of July 2021.

So let’s get to our first bit of tech well tech and benefit that that is Pirkx here is a little video I prepared earlier for you ….


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Employee Benefits Help?

Small Businesses need to ensure they are retaining their talent and sometimes offering a high increase in wages is just not possible – so look at your benefits.

If you would like some help looking at a benefits strategy then please get in touch and we would more than happy to help.


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