Our Recruitment Support Service Makes Hiring Your Perfect Employee A Breeze!


You’re busy. So busy that you’re run off your feet. Your team are working overtime and the mere thought of anyone taking a day off or calling in sick brings you out in a cold sweat!

You know you need to recruit, but you just don’t have time.

Does that sound familiar?

Here at Kate Underwood HR, it’s not unusual for clients to share their dread of undertaking a recruitment drive. As much as you need to increase staff numbers, you are also painfully aware of how much time and effort recruiting takes. Plus, while you’re concentrating on filling vacancies, who’s going to keep on top of the work? If only you could rely on a proven Recruitment Support Service to help take the weight off your shoulders. A Recruitment Support Service that helps guarantee you hire the best candidate for the job. Well now there is!

Introducing Our Recruitment Support Service

We understand what it takes to run a small business. It’s the reason we spent so much time conceiving, creating, developing and perfecting our Recruitment Support Service. From before you write your first advertisement, through the interview stage, to choosing the perfect candidate and beyond, we’ve got you covered! The great news; with different services levels available, we have an option which suits your needs and budget.

Defining Your Job Description & Person Specification

Before you can even start to advertise, you need to be sure you understand who you are looking for. If you are creating a new position, you will need to define the details of the role as well as what you require from applicants. If you are recruiting to an existing post, this is the perfect time to revisit your job description to make sure it still reflects the needs of the business.

Our Recruitment Support Service begins by gathering raw data from you and your team. We pay particular attention to this vital stage so we can deliver all the documents you need to make the perfect hire. Of course, we’ll also ensure you always remain compliant with relevant legislation, while protecting your business and potential employees.

Writing Appealing Ads

It’s a competitive marketplace for employers so you need to create an advert that will stand out from the crowd and give you the best chance of attracting quality applicants. As part of our Recruitment Support Service, we will expertly craft your advertisements to target the correct audience and promote the many advantages of working for your business.

Shortlisting & Interviewing

Once the applications come flooding in, our experienced team will review the applicants against your defined criterion, providing you with the perfect interview shortlist.

At this stage, we can also offer an initial telephone interview and, if you require, we can support your team with the face to face interview process. This support can include compiling effective interview questions and scoring systems, being present at the interviews and taking care of the follow-up work, including feedback for unsuccessful candidates.

Our Recruitment Support Service goes way beyond the role of traditional recruitment companies, as we act as an extension of your in-house team.

Doing Your Homework

Some clients take shortcuts and often fail to check references or the successful applicants’ competency. By deploying our full range of tools and techniques, we reduce the risk of you hiring someone who doesn’t live up to their interview claims or your expectations. Our tried-and-tested methods include personality profiling tools, together with decades of experience in obtaining and examining references and follow-ups.

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Turn Down!

When you’re ready to make an offer to your preferred applicant, you may find yourself needing to negotiate issues such as salary or staff benefits. We will act on your behalf, protecting your interests, while making sure that any negotiated terms are in line with HR legislation and your business’ policies.

Setting Standards & Building ThRelationship

You may think that hiring your perfect employee would be the end of our involvement. It isn’t. Our Recruitment Support Service continues to make sure your onboarding activities give your newest employee the best imaginable start to working in your business. From their first day to signing off their probation, we’ll help your new employee maximise their potential quickly and efficiently. The more efficient your new employee processes are, the faster you will reap the rewards of having a fabulous new employee onboard.

After investing your time and resources, doesn’t it make sense to ensure both parties enjoy a successful probationary period and lay the foundations of a long and productive working relationship?

Would You Like To Hear More?

If you’d like any help with any of these stages or would like to find out more about our Recruitment Support Service, please call us on 02382 025160.

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