My First Year Of Emplyment at KUHR

Hi, I’m Pete! The calendar is telling me that I’ve been at Kate Underwood HR & Training for a full year now – surely that can’t be right? I don’t know if I’ve taken a moment since starting to consider the amount of time that has passed!

Since beginning work with Kate, there really hasn’t been a moment where there hasn’t been an email to answer, a document to review, a meeting to attend or otherwise something else that needs thought put into it. I’m sure lots of people will relate to this as well, and I think that it must be the culture of any given business that determines whether an individual finds this kind of dynamic oppressive or, as in my case, exciting.

No Two Days Are The Same!

So, what has made working at Kate Underwood HR exciting? I would say the variety of work, the opportunities to meet new people and the constant growth and development that you go through in order to stay informed and up to date. When working for a consultancy that deals with so many small businesses, whilst it is a horrible cliché, it really is true that no two problems, or days, are ever the same.

The work culture has always been excellent here too. I was Kate’s first full time employee and while I don’t know whether she ever thought about setting out any internal values, the atmosphere that has come about organically has been fantastic. I think one of the key things that makes me really value my job at KUHR is that I feel trusted, which in turn gives me the self-confidence to work independently and makes me feel free to pursue my own interests as well.

I’ve learnt so much from Kate and her company and I will count myself lucky if the next year progresses as well as the passed one has gone, as I will undoubtedly have gained more confidence and gathered more insight into how I can effectively and efficiently help people. The field of HR really is extremely interesting and, to me at least, seems like nothing less than the study of all human behavior centered around work. The more I work in HR the more I learn about myself as well, and by getting a better understanding of how I relate and react to work, it makes me appreciate having such a fantastic company to be a part of a whole lot more.

I won’t ramble on for any longer here, but just to say a huge thank you to Kate for putting up with me for a whole year and still finding time to take enormous strides forward in your business. I’d also like to take a moment to wish the best of luck to Rebecca, who has recently joined the company as well – I hope only to be as patient with her questions as Kate was with mine!

If you’d like an informal chat about any of the services offered by KUHR, please do not hesitate to make contact at [email protected].

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