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Have you ever spent far too long writing out an email to someone to explain how they should go about completing a task, only to find that when you reach the end…the wording is probably not all that clear, there would still be room for error, and you could have completed the task yourself in the time it’s taken to explain it?  

Let me introduce you to Loom, a video recording and screen sharing tool that allows quick and easy communication, without wasting hours of productivity scheduling meetings or writing long emails.  

So, what can you do with Loom? There are a variety of recording settings to choose from: 

  • Screen and camera – recording your screen whilst also recording yourself as you speak 
  • Screen only – your audio will still be heard, your screen shared but your camera will be off  

In both options above you can choose to share either your full desktop which is particularly useful if you’ll be moving between programmes and different applications or the current tab only 

  • The third option in Loom is to record your camera only which is perfect for recording personal greetings 

There are so many advantages to Loom that it is difficult to name only a few. The first to mention is that it is FREE. Once you click record, get ready for a countdown timer to going live which is great for a little preparation. There is a particularly handy pause feature, whereby you can easily stop the recording to research a particular task or sticking point and resume once you’re ready to go again.  

The interface itself is incredibly easy to use, there is a downloadable chrome extension, so it is lightning fast to launch and begin recording. There is no time wasted downloading or uploading videos as Loom very cleverly custom generates a URL for each individual video, so it is simply a copy and paste of the URL and a click to view.  

As with anything that’s free there are some limitations and, perhaps for some, one of the most frustrating aspects of the free version is the 5-minute video recording limit. Of course, this can easily be overcome by recording a series of videos to share if needed. There is also a limitation of 50 video creator profiles and 25 videos per person. However, if you find yourself needing more user profiles or becoming frustrated with the 5-minute video length you can look into the extremely affordable Business and Enterprise accounts they offer.  

Why is it good for small businesses? 

The power of video can be applied to a variety of businesses and business scenarios. Use Loom for project updates and you’ll find productivity will increase with projects being completed quicker as the back and forth of emails is removed from troubleshooting and updates are instant.  

Connection is personal, you can give a short personal introduction to individuals when they meet for the first time and add a bit of personality and context. The time taken is minimal, but the positive impact will make for a great first introduction. A video on a Monday morning to connect with your team will be extremely well received and generate that personal touch and connection.  

Loom is also great for onboarding new employees and explaining processes and procedures 

It is also a great customer service tool. Think about when you have client or customer sign up for a webinar or service, why not send a personal greeting? Adding a personal touch goes such a long way and is sure to be spoken about and shared with friends and colleagues. Make trouble shooting customer queries quick, easy and efficient without a long list of time-consuming emails.  

Have you tried Loom yet? 

Record your screen, voice and face to create an instantly shareable video in less time that it would take to type an email. Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on?  

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