5 ways Employee Engagement will enable your small business to grow.

To build the most effective team and to ensure long-standing employees it is important that your team members feel empowered rather than micromanaged. It is a fine balance between giving freedom to your employees whilst still being able to offer them support and guidance. 

Ensuring your employees feel engagewill enable your small business to grow. Here are our top 5 ways to ensure empowerment over micromanagement.  

1. Practice Delegating 

If you don’t know how to delegate effectively, you might unintentionally end up micromanaging your team which will hinder both you and them. Delegation when done correctly is a win-win when applied at the appropriate time and can offer a learning opportunity for staff to grow and develop. If you’re looking to delegate a task that will reoccur in the future, delegating as soon as possible will help further down the line. Putting the effort in initially will mean you reap the rewards later.  

An important question to ask yourself here is: do you or someone else in the team have the appropriate skills and enough time to train an individual, track progress and provide extra training should it be required?  

2. Accountability 

It is important that clear expectations are laid out from the outset. If you and your team are clear on the date a task or a project needs to be delivered by, there won’t be the requirement for an excessive number of check-ins to determine progress. You want to promote ownership and develop trust in your team to make the correct calls when needed. Focus on encouraging creativity and problem solving and you’ll build a strong team who will be eager to take on future challenges that are thrown their way. Authorising others to take ownership on how to perform their work and gain empowerment means your approval will be sort less and in turn take up less of your time going forward.  

3. Support

What happens if you’ve delegated appropriately, laid out your expectations and the outcome produced doesn’t quite meet your expectations? The key here is to let go of perfectionism. Communication and conversation will help to establish what may have gone wrong. Was there a gap in the training provided or an unclear understanding of the goal? A clear eye on encouraging your team to grow and develop their skills rather than offering criticism will ensure that you avoid a toxic work environment and team members feel supported.  

4. Teamwork

When you have a team who work effectively together, the synergy will provide greater results than if your team feels micromanaged. Should you need to have some time off, processes will already be in place to ensure that the company can continue and perform as it should. Empowering your team members to make decisions and up-skill on tasks will increase their personal investment in the business which in turn will improve staff satisfaction and retention. 

5. Respect

If everything in your company is sat firmly on your shoulders, there is only so much growth that is realistically achievable. It is important to respect your employees and for them to respect you for your team to work effectively and for your small business to grow.  

Ask your employees how they prefer to bmanaged. We are all unique and as individuals all bring different sets of skills to the table and as such may prefer to be managed in a different way to another well-respected colleague.  

Respect also feeds into learning what your team are passionate about. When you’re motivated and feel energised to complete a task, the rate of completion is much quicker than someone who isn’t fully engaged so delegate wisely.

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