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It is safe to say that when it comes to transcribing meetings, volunteers are often hard to come by. I am yet to find a person who loves writing up minutes or transcribing interviews. Let me introduce you to Otter, a mobile app and website that automatically generates sharable smart notes that sync audio, text and images.  

It really is a game changer for writing blogs on the move, capturing all of those tasks that pop in your head on to your to-do lists and transcribing meetings and interviews. 

You can benefit from the app and website for FREE up to 600 minutes and it is simply too good not to share with you! 

So here is a little video explaining the wonders of Otter and how it can save you both time and money ….


Do you think Otter sounds like it could save you time and take the stress out of remembering all of those to-do lists? Click the button below to find out more and start benefiting from the wonders of Otter.ai. 



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